Lew’s Custom Pro Speed Spool SLP Casting Reel – On Sale

The Lew’s Customer Pro Speed Spool SLP Casting Reel is on sale right now! Trust me, this is not something you often hear so take advantage of it now! The original price of $259.99 is now down to $114.98. At the moment I am writing this, there are only two left in stock! This is a top of the line fishing reel that is trusted and used by the best professional anglers. It has a strong, compact, low profile design along with stainless steel double shielded ball bearings. It also includes a speed dial that you can adjust to show what line you have on the reel. In my opinion, this is a cool feature because I always end up forgetting.

Note: Only the right handed 6.8:1 gear ratio option is on sale


  • Zero-Reverse one-wat clutch bearing
  • Lightweight 1-piece aluminum frame
  • Strong and lightweight carbon C45 sideplates
  • Double anodize 32mm duralumin U-spool
  • Carbon fiber drag system
  • Lightweight, bowed 95mm carbon fiber handle with Winn® Dri-Tac knob


Deal expires at Monday January 31st, 2022 11:59pm