iBobber Robotic Jerkbait bundle – $20 Off

iBobber by ReelSonar has discounted the iBobber Robotic Jerkbait bundle from $79.95 down to $59.95. This $20 savings bundle also meets the pricing requirement for free shipping!

What attracts fish? VIBRATIONS and other sensory features.This Jerk Bait will attract more fish by Vibrating, lighting up, and the erratic motion you get when you jerk it through the water column.Diving 4-6 feet, it has a very slow sink to keep fish engaged!


  • ultra sharp hooks for the highest hookup ratio
  • long battery life and rechargeable, charger included
  • iBobber Snappr Natural Robotic Swimming Lure
  • Rechargeable LED Light
  • ReelSonar


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