Googan Baits Drag N Drop – 33% Off

A select variety of Googan Baits Drag N Drop are 33% off right now at Cabelas. They retail for $5.99, so once the masses realize they can snag a few packs for $3.97 this deal will be sold out. Googan Baits Drag N Drop crazy creatures are soft-plastic baits that deliver fish-enticing action. These finesse lures have elongated forms with shell-shaped segments for added motion; bass exhibit a strong attraction to their realistic swim. They’re stuffed with salt, and have an alluring Slaunch Sauce scent.

  • Soft-plastic bait
  • Shell-shaped segments
  • Stuffed with salt
  • Slaunch Sauce scent
  • Finesse bait delivers enticing action
Deal expires at EXPIRED