Berkley PowerBait Gilly – 50% Off

Berkley is offering the PowerBait Gilly for 50% off! At currently $4.99,  the PowerBait Gilly provides an unbelievably natural presentation in shape, color, and action. This sale is size/color specific, so make sure you choose the color HD Warmouth in 90mm.


  • Pro Design by Bassmaster Classic Champion Mike “IKE” Iaconelli with heavy Japanese design and technique influence
  • Unbelievably natural presentation in shape, color, and action
  • Hollow head allows for easy crushing on strikes and helps oriente the bait in an upright posture when swimming.
  • Rig sideways as a Texas rig, Jig Head, Weighted swimbait hook, Line-through Stinger Hook rig, or even on a Drop Shot
  • Jam- packed with PowerBait flavor to ensure you have the chance to set the hook on every bite
  • Available in HD Tru Colors and standard injected colors”
Deal expires at EXPIRED