Berkley PowerBait Flute Worm – 50% Off

With another great deal from Berkley, you can grab the Berkley PowerBait Flute Worm in 5.7″ for 50% off! At currently $2.99 in color Smoke Purple, the Berkley 5.7″ Powerbait Flute Worms features a tapered flute tail that twitches and moves with the most subtle movements.


  • Pro designed by Mike Iaconelli
  • Three o-ring locations for perfect customized Neko rigging or wacky rigs
  • Blunt head has an integrated location for inserting weights and stomps the bottom when hopping a Neko rig
  • Rig on a Neko rig, wacky worm, or shaky head


Deal expires at EXPIRED