13 Fishing Omen Black 3 Casting Rod – 48% Off

We found the 13 Fishing Omen Black 3 Casting Rod for 48% off over at Al’s Sporting Goods! If you don’t wait you can grab it for just $67.91, that’s a huge markdown from the original price of $129.99. The 13 Fishing Omen Black 3 Casting 2-Piece is the third generation of Omen Black series casting rods from 13 Fishing. The most refined Omen Black ever made, the Generation 3 models build off the best parts of previous generations, while correcting their flaws.

The rod blanks are made from 36-ton Toray Graphite and feature 13 Fishing Poly Vector Graphite (PVG) technology that allows graphite fiber alignment to occur at the micro level, which in turn creates a tighter fiber weave for increased sensitivity and improved balance. Built with premium components from tip to butt, the Omen Black 3 Casting Rods utilize strategically placed ALPS guides with zirconia inserts to extended casting distance and improve fighting performance.

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